Customer Embedded Team (CET)

CLARISITY generates “Value Gain” for our customers by creating a specialized, premium and dedicated teams (CET), which functions as a virtual extension of our client’s team.

CLARISITY as your Extended Arm

A unique offering from CLARISITY where select members from CLARISITY are embedded as part of the Customer team to jointly deliver and manage key IT initiatives.

The CET (Customer Embedded Team) encompasses diverse roles and positions are customized as per our customer’s needs. These significant roles are executed by premium, skilful and competent resources. All of which come with significant experience in line with our client’s parameters.

As an effective collaboration between CLARISITY and our customer, the CET can be adapted or employed to fulfil a myriad of customer needs.

For large IT engagements, CLARISITY CET helps define project scope, requirements, quality assurance and provides an overall Vendor Management office. We specialize in engagements where global organizations are leveraging offshore as part of their delivery strategy.

Offshore Vendor Managed Office (VMO)